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Having asked yet another favour from Seamus and Adam, transport is arranged for the ram I had to finish it by today or be very embarrassed. Last week layers of paper went on - alternating newspaper with white, with extra layering (some of it as muslin soaked in PVA) on the added bits like hooves and knees...and a lot of waiting while it dried thoroughly.

5th March...only three days left...the final layer is on.

📷 7th March...legs and face painted with 'not-black' (raw umber+ultramarine+cadmium red), starting to sponge the darkest shade...covering first one bit then another with cling-film and/or paper towels...Lying on the floor to paint the underneath. Have to stop when daylight goes. Not happy with how it's looking.

📷 Today, 5pm...some 'technical advice' (as he called it) from Adam, whose eye for colour is amazing ...he mixed a colour that looks much, much better... and the base coat is repainted, then two more coats of sponging, progressively lighter...more lying on the floor, pressing a sponge into rear-end crevices.

📷 6.00 pm...and more covering of various bits as the horns are painted with a very dilute wash of raw umber, then it's into the dark/light roundabout...touch up the dark edges, accidentally touch off the light part...touch up the light area...see a bit you missed. At this point I'm almost standing on my head while trying to see around all angles of the horns. NB - if I should ever make anything like this again, I'd paint the horns before joining head to body...having the ears/horns/neck so close to close to each other on this side has made it very tricky to paint...although I did know it would. 📷 6.30 pm... now to tie my hands behind my back, so I'll stop's finished.

📷 📷 📷I just wish I could have a better picture of it....Posted by krystyna at 16:30 Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest

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