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End of absence

What would the world be without friends? After two years of being nervous about navigating a new website host, my friend Rachael sat with me to work it out - and ended my absence from blogging.

Since the last posting, the "when?" project has continued to develop ... some ideas fell by the wayside and some took on a direction of their own. It's slow and I'm absolutely content with that. What has grown along with the work is a sense of steadiness and calm; I've almost stopped playing the comparing game. Happy to work at my own pace, I'm not bothered about impressing anyone (well, only a little bit, now and then). What hasn't changed is the occasional bout of "what's the point?" and every creative person I know has those.

Yes, I would like to show this body of work - to share it with others. It's just struck me that in a way an exhibition is like a silent performance. Putting myself 'out there' is not something that comes easily so there is a tension between wanting to show and wanting to avoid exposure.

This was the beginning of a piece about humans - wanting to express the dehumanising effect of technology... being a number, which came from being given a barcoded wrist band in hospital. Those very earliest hand prints in caves evoke a potent reaction in me; putting my own hand on one would feel like I was connecting to someone from 45,000 years ago. So here I'm combining a hand with the barcode of technology with the biology of the human animal.

A maquette, the human hand plus barcode with once more a mixture of human/technology in the form of facial recognition... the idea says what I want it to and as an object I'm really not liking it, so back to the beginning with it...

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