Bandstand Chair
Cutting sections out of the frame
Making eyes
chair detail
chair detail
Maker Project_Krystyna Pomeroy   Rachael


A Maker Project, a current collaboration with a textile artist in the UK. A research project into the creative process led by Tom Sutton, University of Bolton UK. 

Read more about the project here :

Venues in the Pipeline for the Chair Project:2020-2021

Market place Studios , Stockport have offered to exhibit the collection early in 2020.

Editor of Artist’s Newsletter Julie Lomax wishes to support and promote the project.

The Greenhouse Project, Bacup, a charitable Trust is keen to discuss exhibiting all the chairs at the Bacup Studios and potentially run a collaborative workshop.

Northern Ireland Craft Month next August 2020.

London Craft week in May 2020.

Craft in the Bay, Cardiff have requested information and supporting images before their committee meet to discuss exhibitions for 2021.

Beth Alden, New Brewery Arts, Cirencester have also requested information and supporting images to then discuss exhibition opportunities for 2021.

Initial interest shown by Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections and other potential venues around the UK.