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More Ram...

Really focusing now; I have about five weeks before the ram is to be finished. The shape of the body is nearly there, I think. It's a bit difficult to see it clearly.

📷📷📷This head is a rough draft - to help me get a feel of the whole shape.

📷 This skull is from the's a goat, but as they are so similar to sheep I've used it as a former....( a shame the lower jaw was missing)...and built on to it, which has been an interesting way to work. Usually I see things as a shape -from the outside.

📷 After trying to start the horns with card, then with coiled wire, I ended up simply winding newspaper around a single wire, then pasting on strips of muslin...a lot more layers to go on yet. Working with wire and paper is familiar ground - even so, the nose, mouth and chin are not yet right. There will be pulling apart and reshaping to be done tomorrow.

More pictures from the foundry...all these hares have a home to go to, and that's the edition finished. 📷📷One of a set of three - I was persuaded not to smooth the surface, but to leave the strips of paper showing. I'll be interested to see how it looks after finishing and patinating.

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