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Making space

The two workshops last weekend were fine...on Sunday, contrary to my worst case scenario anticipations, everyone had brought the necessary machine accessories, all machines worked ok, and by the end of the day everyone had made a cushion with either a zip or buttonholes and piping. Here are three of no-one wanted to do applique we missed that bit out and it was just as well - it would have taken too long.

📷My house is not make space for working on the ram, the furniture has had to be pushed right back and even so it's rather cramped. By Monday he was finally dry enough but I was too tired to start. Whichever way up he is, it's hard on the knees and the back as I'm constantly bending, crouching, kneeling, stretching. The mantra of the moment is 'it will be done when it's done'...the sky will not fall on my head if it's not ready by the 10th.

📷This is the first layer of paper after a coat of  builder's PVA on the plaster. The aim was 100% adhesion, which I think I achieved. Although he is much lighter now, I had to ask for help to turn him over. So now I'm refining the shape - scraping away lumps, filling in hollows and adding details such as knees and hooves.

On Friday I agreed to another commission - making a coconut bra for a large man to wear in a stage play. He tried real coconut halves but they were much too small apparently. So there we were, holding saucers of various sizes up to his chest to get an idea of the circumference I need to work do I price that one?

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