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Making money ( or art?)

It seems that in some people's minds, money and artists don't go together. Some years ago, in conversation with a young woman I said that what I was making was not financially viable. She was horrified that I would see my work in that way because "it's art''....and it wasn't until later that I thought of a smart (ish) comeback ( don't you hate when that happens?) ...I don't pay any less than anyone else for gas or food because what I do is 'art'. I'll admit that like many creative people I do give away my time and then grumble about people expecting something for nothing. So - this time I didn't say "it's ok, it took only an hour". I've never yet met a solicitor or plumber who said that, which could be why I've never seen one driving a 15-yr old car either. It possibly took a little longer than an hour...

📷📷Covered in cling-film (saran wrap in the USA, I think) and covered with alternate layers of newspaper and white paper...

📷....and some extra shape added with paper towel and masking tape... 📷more layers .... this is working at my lowest level of skill...

📷...and so is this...

📷I cut up sacking and glued it was like a cross between putting sprinkles on a cake and sprinkling on glitter this point I'm thinking they look like buns covered in bits of shredded coconut, which isn't that far off the mark... 📷...because it's a coconut bra. I didn't enquire too closely at the time - I think it's for a man who is playing a mermaid in a stage performance...and a real coconut was too small.

Is it "Art"? If it is, then I didn't charge nearly enough for it.

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