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Making it again...and again...and again

Making it again...and again...and again

Take a few technology glitches, a dose of discouragement because a piece of work will just not come right, add some boredom- and I can see how blogs peter out. It becomes increasingly difficult to get back to it - and after a while there's too much to catch up on. So - here is the instant coffee version of the past two months...

.... the three wall pieces are finished - just need some holes in the wall now...

There has been a lot (really a lot) of making maquettes in the past weeks. These are first drafts of small hens to be cast in bronze. They're * put together, taken apart, modified where necessary, redrawn,  (repeat from * until you are either happy with them or throw them away)

...and this one was thrown away.

Another maquette ( cornflakes/pizza boxes are great for first drafts).

Many, many, many hours later of making it again and again, this is the final version of the hare....

...which isn't finished yet -  because I'm on version 5b of the front feet and still not happy. So for the past fortnight he's been sitting in the corner.

 The ship is also not quite done - the structure is complete but I really cannot decide how to surface finish the base.,,
 .... so instead I made a new dress and apron for one of my dolls. made perfect sense to me..
 ...and then made some button cards for the charity shop I help in. The buttons I cut off clothes going into the 'recycling' bin and up till now they were displayed in an inelegant miscellany of small plastic bags. These lovely cards I found on the internet...

Which all sold....

.....and then I found some more card designs ....and then I ran out of buttons.

The intention here was to make a pair of hens that look as if they're walking along in conversation. It works well from the back - of which I don't have a photo and they've now gone to the foundry. There has been an expression of interest already; maybe I should simply accept that my mission in life is to make hens...again and again...

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