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Making a list...

Yes, I did make a list; it helps me to maintain the illusion that I have some control and that I'm organised. And on that list, under the heading 'Patchwork' I had written "on the long finger for now". For reasons I won't go into, the next day I sewed together all the blocks for the front...and then I put it away until things are less busy. Only in the meantime, some part of my brain is having random thoughts about what to do for the back and the edges. 📷 Roped in and cushioned, the ram travelled from the foundry to my house last week.  📷There were some man-moments of working out how to get it in through the narrow door..📷...and of course a way was worked out...📷A week later, having had either the stove or the heater on all day, the plaster is still not dry enough...and after checking with the client, I have a week less than I thought to the anticipated delivery date. The good news is that once I started sewing in a zip it all came back to me, so I feel that bit more prepared for the sewing workshop this weekend...and I have, in a very organised way, been working through the list of things to prepare.

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